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The Inmotion V12 electric unicycle marks InMotion's entry into the fast and powerful 100V+ wheel space. Capable of reaching speeds of around 70 km/h in a 16-inch wheel format, it gives its competitors a hard time! Packed with a ton of features, including powerful Bluetooth speakers, a touchscreen to view wheel stats and change settings without the need for an app, ultra-customizable RGB accent lighting, heights adjustable pedals to allow for improved performance at speed and during off-road (or somewhere in between), low beam and high beam to avoid blinding pedestrians, and much more, the V12 is very comprehensive .

Maximum potential range of 160 km

Motor power of 2500W sustained, 5000W peak

Batteries with 100.8 V / 1750 Wh lithium-ion cells

Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for fast/stable data transfer, music streaming.

Integrated audio system of 4x 5W speakers + 1x 20W sub

Bright headlight, rear brake light, side lights (customizable RGB), cornering lights

Integrated retractable magnesium push handle

Engine stop switch double mechanical switch to detect the

Safety warning system, alarm/voice, pedal tilt
(configurable in the app)

New design 4-layer control board with high performance MOS (TO-247) Can reliably support 2000W. Dissipator + turbo inverter fan with variable speed depending on the temperature

Climbing ~35° max

Maximum load of 265 lbs - higher payloads will generally reduce performance

Charging time (hours): ~ Approx 6 hours to 80% total 9 hours (with standard 2.3A charger) Charger input voltage: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz.

Battery temperature protection: 32~131°F (0~55°C)

Operating Temperature: 14~113°F (-10~45°C)

Storage temperature: -4 ~ 113°F (-20 ~ 45°C)

Product size: 26.6 x 19.7 x 7.87 inches

Distance between the footboard and the floor: 3.55 ~ 6.30 inches

Weight of ~64 lbs

Tire Size (in): 16" x 3"

Smart connectivity: Bluetooth app, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE

USB connectivity: 5V/2.1A

IP Ratings: IPX5 (body), IPX7 (battery)

*The range is measured at a temperature of 25°C, approximately 20 km/h, a payload of 70 kg and a level surface. Factors such as driving habits, ambient temperature, road surface condition, payload, etc. will affect continuous mileage.

*Maximum cruising speed is measured at 25°C, payload 70kg, full electric voltage and flat road surface. Factors such as driving habits, ambient temperature, road surface condition, payload, etc. will affect the speed.

*Charging time varies depending on ambient temperature and battery capacity which may change over time.

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