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The Begode Master is an electric unicycle that has been designed to compete with other models from the brand, such as the Begode HERO, Commander, XMEN and EX2S. It is equipped with a 3500W motor and a 134V 2400Wh battery, making it a powerful machine. Its 80mm suspension and 112km/h top speed make it a winning choice.

The Begode Master also has adjustable damping and air spring, and can travel up to 180 km. You'll have total control over your ride thanks to its solid 20-inch wheel, wide and sturdy footpegs, and durable aluminum frame. The reliability and durability of this electric unicycle justify its price. Enjoy every ride on your Master EUC with a feeling of emission-free, open-air excitement.

Top speed of 70 km per hour and 112 km per hour in free spin

Maximum potential range of 180 km

Motor power of 3500 W sustained type C38

Batteries with 2400WH / 134V 50E 21700 Samsung cells

80mm travel suspension

Bright front headlight and rear brake light

Maximum load of 285 lbs - higher payloads will generally reduce performance

Product size with closed pedals: 26.5 x 25.7 x 13 inches

Weight of ~80 lbs

Tire size 20 inch studded

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