Mistakes you make that reduce your battery life

Les erreurs que tu fais qui réduisent la durée de vie de ta batterie

We agree, the battery of an electric bike is the most expensive component of your machine. So if you love your bike and want to enjoy its power for a long time, this information is essential. Find out what mistakes you might be making, without even knowing it, that can drastically reduce your battery life. Hold on tight to your handlebars, because I'm going to reveal these truths to you that could change the way you take care of the heart of your machine.

Suitable refills:

Imagine your battery as a foodie friend. She loves regular and moderate refills. Avoid letting it completely empty or fully charging it unnecessarily. Instead, opt for regular recharges, even partial ones, which will keep it in top shape. Remember, frequent and excessive full loads are not ideal. A 100% charged battery that is not used for a long time will oxidize and degrade. Also let your battery cool down after a good ride before charging it.

Optimal storage:

When your electric bike takes a well-deserved break, take care of your battery. Place it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. If you won't be using it for a while, make sure it's 60-80% charged before storing it away from the bike. A small partial charge every 3 months is also optimal.

Prohibitions to avoid:

Be careful, there are some prohibited areas for your electric battery. Avoid extremes, whether hot or cold, as they may adversely affect its performance. Avoid violent shocks and sudden drops that could damage its internal connectivity. Imagine your battery as a fragile treasure that deserves to be treated gently.

You now have the information to take care of your bicycle battery in your hands. By following these tricks, you'll extend its life for endless electrifying adventures. So strap on your helmet, hop on your electric mount, and go on an adventure knowing you're using the right practice methods to ride long, worry-free.

If ever a problem arises with your battery, don't worry, we offer diagnostic, repair and refurbishment services.

Julien from Electric Avenue Saguenay

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